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Real-Time Exercise Feedback

The idea for Precision Sports Technology was conceived by founder Emma Meehan when training in the gym. Emma identified her technique as incorrect, and noticed other people training with the same issue. Anyone exercising, whether it is for health, fitness or sport, should be able to know at all times how effective their form his to maximise safety, performance and engagement. Personal trainers, coaches and healthcare professionals are essential workers, but their value can be scaled and delivered to a much wider population with the aid of computer vision, cloud deployment and artificial intelligence.

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Computer vision has incredible possibilities

Originally developed on the Xbox Kinect, Precision Sports Technology are utilising modern LiDAR technology and Artificial Intelligence to harness objective human movement data. Using proprietary algorithms and techniques, the software can deliver real-time feedback to athletes, fitness enthusiasts and patients as they are performing the exercise. Users can self-correct mid-set, without the manual intervention from a fitness or healthcare professional. 

The data collected during the exercise session is securely stored in the cloud and made available to fitness and healthcare professionals anytime, anywhere. This provides professionals with far greater insights on their clients' movement, which otherwise would not be achieved, enabling an accelerated feedback loop and better physical outcomes for the client.

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First Class Honours graduate in Computer Science & Information Technology, qualified personal trainer and competitive Olympic weightlifter. Emma has accrued almost four years industry experience as a software engineer with Cisco working on highly-distributed microservices for Webex using DevOps methodology. Emma is obsessed with human movement and is dedicated to enabling people around the world to maximise their movement and enjoyment of exercise, no matter the individual's goal.

About: Our Team
About: Our Team

Software Engineering Intern, Strength & Conditioning Coach


Currently undertaking a Masters Degree in Computer Science at University College Dublin. Ian is a First Class Honours graduate of Strength & Conditioning from IT Carlow and has worked with athletes and teams from around the world, amassing critical experience in the industry. Ian is developing the front-end system for fitness professionals to view their athletes' data and providing key input in to the design of the system.

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